TVR Tuscan Review

The Tuscan has a very distinctive style that is a TVR trademark. The car’s bold design is very appealing and the performance on offer is outstanding. The interior design is superb and although not a practical car for every day use it is an exciting car to own and drive. TVR’s are well-known for their ability to provide excellent performance cars. Many buyers are put off by the roughness of the ride provided, but others love the raw power and outright speed of the TVR brand. The Tuscan is no different.

The little Tuscan convertible is fast, beautiful and very desirable inside and out. The 3.6-litre offers 350bhp and the 4.0 version offers 400bhp. The 4.0 version can go from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 195mph. There is no shortage of power no matter which engine is selected. The more power on hand the more difficult it is to maneuver the Tuscan. Thankfully, the steering is fast and the car is manageable. The Tuscan offers the ultimate driving experience with a practical boot. Cabin space is limited and the Tuscan is probably not a car that you could drive on a daily basis. It’s more of a fashion accessory for occasional use. The car’s lack of practicality makes it more of a toy than a practical mode of transportation.


 The TVR Tuscan is an expensive car to purchase, but when compared to rival brands the Tuscan looks fairly reasonable given the performance on offer. Insurance rates and fuel economy will be high. The Tuscan doesn’t deliver excess cabin space. Passengers have ample room to ride but that is about it. The car was not designed to be a cargo carrier or people carrier. It was designed for speed and delivering a good driving experience. The car only provides two seats but it does come with a very practical boot. The car’s controls and dials are functional and sturdy. They appear to be of a good quality and feel. The cabin looks the part of a sports car and delivers an excellent and sporty atmosphere. The cabin provides a unique look and overall a very high-class feel. The Tuscan delivers a adequate amounts of comfort. This isn’t a luxury car by any means, but the seats are supportive and comfortable for the most part but the ride can be rough. Buyers will more likely be concerned with the car’s performance than comfort or practicality. Accessibility is one area where the Tuscan could score better. Passengers must climb down into the seats in true sports car fashion. Once in though, the seats are comfortable. Parking can be difficult mostly due to the low seating position. The low drive position limits visibility and can make parking a little difficult. It is easy to judge the car’s extremities though and the car’s large side mirrors make parking much easier.

 Life Style

 The Tuscan provides an excellent, fast, fun and exciting driving experience. The car looks great and handles well. The car is one of the fastest sports cars on the market and will get even the most enthusiastic driver’s blood pumping. This isn’t a family car in any sense of the word. Children will not fit well in the car’s seats and the lack of proper safety equipment makes it a bad idea to transport children in the Tuscan. Limited cabin space makes it unsuitable to perform any family duties. It could be used as a third car for families who need a fun convertible lying around. The Tuscan is definitely not a good first car. It is too expensive and would be impossible for a new driver to insure. There is too much power on hand for a novice driver and parking can be tricky not to mention the car delivers a rough ride and only the most experienced drivers should even attempt to test the capabilities of the Tuscan. The TVR Tuscan has a fantastic image; it’s fast and beautifully designed and loads of fun. The Tuscan boasts a better build quality than previous TVR’s and comes with a decent warranty. The car’s exceptional interior quality and the firm’s attention to fit and finish will help to boost the firm’s reputation for poor build quality and reliability.

 Security and Safety

 The Tuscan is a quick convertible that will find many admirers. The car will need a comprehensive security system to keep it safe; unfortunately, the car’s security kit is very lacking. The car comes equipped with an alarm and an engine immobilizer. This is not likely to be enough security for the Tuscan. The car’s safety kit is very lacking. The car doesn’t come with airbags of any kind or ABS. The lack of safety kit in the face of so much power may discourage some buyers from utilizing the car’s full potential.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car’s standard audio system includes a radio and CD player. The standard unit provides good sound quality. The Tuscan’s interior is of superb quality. The car comes standard with leather seats. If buyers want air conditioning or a sat-nav system they are available as expensive cost-options.


The Tuscan offers up to 400bhp and is a super-convertible. Insurance and running costs will be high but the car is being offered for a very reasonable price for a car in this class and with so much performance on offer. Other than the disappointing level of safety and security being offered, the Tuscan provides a lot of fun and style for a convertible with this level of performance.