Mercedes BlueTEC Engines

Whilst we usually seek out the word ‘green’ in our line of work, this week another colour is stirring things up, with the arrival of the new Mercedes BlueTEC engines. The new petrol engines are meant to be capable of 48.7mpg, whilst maintaining the standard of performance that Mercedes is well known for.

The diesels have been upgraded even further, and the four-cylinder engines have been combined with an electric motor which has been dubbed the ‘BlueTEC Hybrid’ and these are meant to be even more efficient in comparison.

The Mercedes Benz E-Class offers proof that even the heavier executive saloons can be reserved when it comes to consuming fuel, boasting 46mpg if driven economically. This is an important point which Mercedes have placed great emphases on; the driver has to be economical as well as the car. Remember, the numbers you get from the manufacturers are only the potential; an economical driving style is what is needed to actualise this potential. You can view the latest prices for a used mercedes e-class here.