Bugatti concept


Designer Pawel Czyzewski has captured the imagination of thousands with his Bugatti Gangloff concept, images of which have spread across the web like wildfire. And it is hardly surprising when you see the images; they are the autophiles wet dream.

The stunning concept also draws inspiration from its ancestors giving it a sense of romanticism and heritage. It is inspired by the 1938 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe, which was designed by a French man called Gangloff. But it is also definitely part of the same family as the Veyron. I did have my eye on a used second hand Vauxhall Corsa , but now I’m thinking I may just hold out to see how much this concept turns out to cost, should it ever actually be built (probably not).

Speaking of price we shudder to think how much it will cost, its servicing costs alone would probably dwarf the cost of most cars I’ve ever had the privilege of driving. Heck, a Bugatti floor mat alone would probably mean cancelling Christmas for the next 5 years, as well as putting a stop to little Rosies University fund.

Fortunately for Rosie, it only exists as a 3D rendering, but hey, we can dream.