Aston Martin DB9 Review

The DB7 was considered one of the world’s most beautiful cars. Aston Martin cleverly used the model to pave the way for the DB9. The DB9 is working wonders for the company and rightfully so. Aside from the car’s sleek and beautiful exterior design the DB9 has a lot to offer underneath as well. The car sports the company’s VH platform which consists of a mixture of various grades of aluminium, bonded together into an extremely light yet rigid superstructure. Most of the exterior panels also consist of aluminium.The car delivers a very enthusiastic and sporty ride. The DB9 can go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds and boasts a high speed of 186mph. The car handles well and is impressive in any form. The car’s asking price may seem high initially, but considering all that the car has to offer the price may actually seem low in comparison. The car’s cabin is beautifully finished with aluminium dials, superb leather and quality wood cappings. The car displays a perfect mixture of traditional design and modern technology. The cabin’s materials are of an excellent quality and feel. The firm’s attention to detail is obvious in the DB9 where the luxurious feel is everywhere, inside and out, the car boasts high quality and a top-notch build quality.


 The DB9 is an expensive car to purchase, but the equipment, luxury and performance on offer help to justify the high purchase price. Insurance and fuel costs are likely to be high as well. The car offers plenty of cabin space. Both front and rear passengers should be very comfortable, and the boot provides good space as well. The boot is large enough to store a good deal of shopping, or a few pieces of luggage. The car’s main controls and dials are of excellent quality. Everything is functional and has a good feel. The car’s mixture of traditional design and modern technology give the cabin a very modern yet high class feel. The DB9 provides exceptional levels of comfort. The car’s seats are very comfortable and outside noises are suppressed for the most part. Road imperfections are successfully absorbed and are hardly noticeable. The car delivers a very smooth and luxurious ride. The car’s cabin is easily accessible. The doors are large and open wide to provide a large aperture for easy access and egress. Once inside the cabin, getting comfortable is easy with plenty of room all-round. Parking the DB9 is easy enough. The car’s steering is light at low speeds making it easy to maneuver the car into even crowded spaces. The car provides excellent all-round visibility and even squeamish drivers shouldn’t have too much trouble parking the DB9.

 Life Style

 The DB9 provides an excellent driving experience. It is hard to find the car’s weaknesses. The car offers plenty of performance and power and never feels lacking. Steering and handling are also excellent and the car’s exterior style is beautiful. The car’s cabin provides loads of luxurious comfort. The car’s price and fuel economy may initially seem too high, but buyers must compare the price to the high levels of equipment and performance being offered. This may not be the most ideal family car. The car’s expensive interior won’t fair well at the hands of rowdy children. The car’s boot may not accommodate all of the awkward and large items that accompany family life, and for the money there are more suitable family cars on the market. This is not a first car. The DB9 is too expensive and running costs will be too high for most first time car buyers. The car also offers too much power for a novice driver. Aston Martin has a very good public image, and the DB9 will help to improve that image even more. The company has gone out of their way to improve and make the DB9 the best car that it possibly can be. The company has raised the bar for competitors (if there are any) and will experience positive results with the DB9.

 Security and Safety

 The car comes equipped standard with a security alarm, an engine immobilizer, and a variety of anti-theft locks and devices. Given the car’s desirability a hefty security package is necessary. The car’s safety features include roll bars, emergency fuel shut-off, twin-front and side airbags, and seat belt pretensioners. The car also boasts side door reinforcement beams. The car comes with a pretty impressive safety package.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car’s standard audio unit includes a Linn AM/FM Radio With 128-Watts; In-Dash 6-Disc CD Changer. The unit provides excellent sound quality and is easy to use. The car’s interior provides a very comfortable, posh, high-class feel. Leather covers the dash, Center Floor Console and doors. Genuine Walnut Wood Trim is located on the dash and doors. These touches give the cabin an excellent over-all finish.


 Buyers must compare the entire package on offer to appreciate the car’s value for money. The DB9 provides an excellent driving experience with plenty of performance, mixed with a comfortable and high-class cabin and a beautiful exterior design. The DB9 provides a complete and well thought out package. I might not be able to afford to buy one outright but I might lease or contract hire one!